Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Don't laugh, this really did happen!

A story shown on the news today struck me as incredibly incredible,
.. i mean "omg, that's incredibly funny" kind of incredible!.
A San Francisco couple arrived at a family member's home,
unloaded the car, got their 4 year old child out of the car,
had dinner and went to sleep.

Next morning, the man leaves for work and receives a phone call from his wife,
she asks if he took their 4-6 month old daughter, to which he answers: "no"

Immediately, the woman runs outside,
opens the car, and,
low and behold,
there she was
after 13 hrs of neglect

No arrests were made.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Train of Thought

assumption, the act of assuming or taking for granted;

to assume, to be excessively forward, to be presumptuous or assumptive;

to presume, to take liberties or act with too much confidence, to take to be the case or to be true; to accept without verification or proof, to assume or take for granted;

to preside, to act as president, to control or command;

to side, to take sides with, to align oneself with, show strong simpathy for, to pull, root or go with.

As a translator, you come across words that you use on a daily basis yet don't know the exact meaning of. Now, when i'm asked "Why would anyone endeavor on such a thing?" I think about it and this word comes to mind.

Saturday, February 06, 2010

starting over..

This blog has been with me for 6 years and today I erased 5 years of it!, I had to clear out several years worth of posts in order to continue forward. Please the dust as i rebuild the content and links from previous years.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

quick promo

It is a well known fact (at least amongst those who know me) that i'm into the quirky, vintage-retro, oddly pretty things.
A dear friend of mine pointed me into this artistic duo's site and I-AM-HOOKED!
try it out!

Lucy and Bart

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

monday afternoon

Yes, give me sofas, and plates, show me pillows and teas, cups and statues!. I absolutely love going to such a place as marshalls and look at all the stuff they sell for homes!, clothes is not memorable but artifacts for home decoration are what really put my panties in a twist!
I can't contain myself, i'll constantly find myself daydreaming about what i'd put in my imaginary loft!, from what sofas to have, what color scheme to choose, what vibe to live in... i'm a pretty quirky person, so i'm guessing my place would be eclectic but chic. I long for a place of my own, a space to call my own.. Ever since i moved here, there's a growing feeling of yerning to belong somewhere... i miss home...

Friday, June 27, 2008